The MyMedicoach App for patients

We know how difficult it is to stick to regular home practice of exercises or actions prescribed by your therapist (e.g. physiotherapist). This free app will help you do just that!
How does it work?
This video shows you for example how it can help you manage your back pain on a daily basis by doing your strengthening and stretching exercises regularly.
The app can also be used by doctors, dieticians, psychotherapists, tobaccologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists etc. Talk to your therapist. He or she can use the app free of charge by creating an account for therapists.

Slipped disc explained in 2 minutes.

Discover the causes and consequences of slipped disks (sciatica, low back pain, etc.) and the best way to avoid them. The herniated disc is only one of many causes of back pain. More videos will follow.

The next steps of Mymedicoach

Actually no, this website is not devoted to slipped disks.
This video is the starting point for the future educational platform, My Medicoach.
Here in future you will find

  • more videos
  • a major interactive game
  • and a new app

To find out more. Support us. Stay informed.