General terms and conditions of use.


The MyMedicoach website and mobile app were developed and are managed and organised by MyMedicoach SPRL (limited liability company) having its registered office at 4 rue des Pères Blancs, 1040 Brussels, Belgium, business registration number BE 0500.695.489, hereinafter “MyMedicoach” (telephone, email, hereinafter the “MyMedicoach website”).
The MyMedicoach website is made available to users subject to their unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions of use, the provisions and notices stated in this document (hereinafter the “terms and conditions of use”). By visiting and using the MyMedicoach website, users are deemed to unreservedly agree to the terms and conditions of use.
These terms and conditions of use are applicable to the MyMedicoach website and to all MyMedicoach initiatives relating to the internet or any other network.
If any provision in these terms and conditions of use should prove to be unenforceable or contrary to a mandatory legal or public policy provision, this inapplicability will not affect the validity or enforceability of the other provisions.
Users acknowledge that these terms and conditions of use for the MyMedicoach website do not result in the creation of any form of legal association between users and MyMedicoach.


MyMedicoach reserves the right to change these terms and conditions of use without express notice. Users are advised to read the terms and conditions of use afresh each time they visit the MyMedicoach website.


The MyMedicoach website is intended to provide general information regarding the prevention of [give the name of the illness or condition concerned]. The information supplied is not intended as a substitute for consulting a doctor; if you have any health problems, do consult your GP before using the MyMedicoach website.
Although MyMedicoach strives to provide up-to-date and accurate information, it offers no guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of this information, nor as to its appropriateness for any particular user’s situation.
Under no circumstances can MyMedicoach be held liable for the absence of any specific information on this website, its contents or any use made of its contents, unless any mandatory legal provision or public policy imperative states otherwise.
Unless otherwise stipulated, under no circumstances can the information presented on the MyMedicoach website be deemed an offer with a view to the purchase or sale of goods or services, or to the conclusion of any contract more generally.


MyMedicoach makes reasonable efforts to protect its website from viruses, hacking attacks and other computer-related offences, but cannot guarantee that its website is free of possible viruses, Trojan horses, malware, etc. that might infect any user’s computer or device, nor can MyMedicoach be held liable for any effects of same.


The website may contain hyperlinks to third party websites, which are provided solely for the user’s information. MyMedicoach has no control over the content of such websites and under no circumstances can it be held liable for either their existence or their contents. Furthermore, the existence of such links does not mean that MyMedicoach approves of the content of these websites, nor that it cooperates in any way with their operators.
Users who wish to create a hyperlink between their own websites and the MyMedicoach website must contact the MyMedicoach webmaster beforehand.


The information stated on the MyMedicoach website may be inaccurate in terms of its content or contain typing errors. The information may be amended periodically. MyMedicoach may make changes to this website at any time.
Other than in cases of deception or gross negligence by MyMedicoach or any of its employees or officers, or the enforcement of a mandatory legal or public policy provision, under no circumstances can MyMedicoach be held liable for any loss or harm caused by the use made of the website, even if such loss or harm results from a fault brought about by i) the website including its unavailability or technical operation; ii) the website’s information or contents; iii) viruses, hacking attacks or other computer-related offences; or iv) the contents or use of websites to which users are directed by hyperlinks on the website.
Moreover, unless a mandatory legal or public policy provision stipulates otherwise, under no circumstances can MyMedicoach be held liable for indirect or consequential loss or harm (including loss of earnings or business opportunities, loss of data, staff costs, etc.) that might result from using the website or the situations described in the preceding point, and this applies even if MyMedicoach or one of its suppliers has been warned of the possibility of such loss or harm occurring.
MyMedicoach does not guarantee that the website will always be available, free from disruption or run smoothly.


The MyMedicoach website, including the text, layout, graphics, presentation, logos, software and other website components, is protected by MyMedicoach’s intellectual property rights and those of its information providers, such rights including copyright and related rights, database rights and trademark rights.
No reproduction, broadcast, sale, distribution, publication, adaptation, translation, processing or use of all or part of this website for commercial purposes is permitted without MyMedicoach’s prior agreement in writing.


Users undertake not to i) use the website for unlawful purposes; ii) hamper access to the website, disrupt or alter the website, make it less effective or cause any loss or harm to the website, MyMedicoach or third parties; iii) use the website to transmit or distribute computer viruses, or harmful or unlawful data; iv) infringe the intellectual property rights protecting the various component parts of the website.
MyMedicoach reserves the right to report users who infringe Belgian or international law to the relevant authorities, and to suspend access to and use of services and data by any user infringing or failing to comply with these general terms and conditions of use.


All disputes in relation to or resulting from (the use made of) the MyMedicoach website are governed solely by the law of Belgium. The courts of Brussels have sole jurisdiction over the settlement of disputes.
A printed version of these terms and conditions of use and any notice served electronically will be accepted in any legal or administrative proceedings arising from or in relation to these terms and conditions of use, in the same respect and under the same terms as any other document or commercial record produced and kept in printed form. All rights not explicitly granted in this document are reserved.